CashCowPro Review – Things You Should Know About CashCowPro!

CashCowPro is a legitimate business that offers cell phone service. It provides cell phone numbers with options to be contacted through an online service called

What is wrong with CashCowPro is the promotion of the website and its sales letter. The company sent a promotional mailer to a friend of mine telling her I could get a free cell phone number and that it was only available for a limited time only.

She received the mailer and figured out she had been given a cell number she didn’t know, from an unknown number. So she looked up the number on the Internet and found she could get the number back online if she was willing to pay.

You see when you call into CashCowPro you are able to speak with a live person who may be able to help you with your problem. With a call to their toll free number you will be able to talk to someone there who can help you.

I decided to check out the site and see what the CashCowPro review was saying about them. I couldn’t believe what I found and how this company could use such a deceptive advertising tactic. Let’s go over some of the things that were listed in the CashCowPro review.

The first thing I found was that CashCowPro can get people’s home phone numbers. They sell memberships that include access to information about your home. They also have access to the member’s directory. Here is an excerpt from the review:

“Your home telephone numbers are available with us for our member use and we will provide you with financial information as well.” “Unfortunately, some of your home phone numbers may be included with our paid membership in our member directories for your reference.”

These are just some of the more common things you will find listed in the CashCowPro review. You will also find that they are no longer associated with With the membership now available online and by calling their toll free number, I doubt that the “cashcowpro” name is any longer associated with them.

In addition to the negative reviews I found, one positive review states that the use of the free number that is provided to customers is good because it is a way to get access to other important information about cell phone service. If you are getting a cell phone number from a business where you receive cell phone service, it can be hard to find out what it is for.

With this number you can check the status of your bill and even view your bills if the customer service is not at their office or in their promotional page. This will give you a little more information than just their numbers.

There are also additional benefits, like to be able to send text messages to your number. I didn’t find anything with cashcowpro credit card options.

As you can see, there are several critical points with this company. Although it is great that they offer a service that can help people in distress, using misleading advertising tactics may not be a good idea.