Amazon Gated and Ungated Categories are a great way to get exposure and help you grow your customer base and get more sales. Use these opportunities to get a higher conversion rate for your marketing campaigns and grow your business. How to Use Ungated Categories on Amazon to Help Sell More on eBay

A question that comes up often in the discussion of ecommerce is whether it’s possible to offer products and services in two different places? You can but only if the software tools you use can link the sites together. And what if they don’t?

So if you’re looking to buy on Amazon and sell on eBay, where do you stand? Should you be selling in the Amazon Marketplace or should you try to appeal to buyers on eBay by using their own listing?

This question has been a hot one among commerce solution providers because many people haven’t had enough time to test the various components of this marketplace so they don’t really know which ones work and which ones don’t. Still, if you try to be sure, you can make a lot of money on Amazon and not be associated with a middleman.

Of course, you can still use a third party provider if you choose, but if you want to provide a link for a product that doesn’t have its own listing in Amazon, there are some things you need to do to increase sales. But first, a little background. The difference between Amazon and eBay listings is two-fold: Amazon Gated Categories and Amazon Ungated Categories.

If you’re looking to get more traffic and to drive a higher conversion rate with your marketing campaigns, consider using Amazon Gated Categories. This is a specific section of Amazon where you can put in specific categories of items. For example, you can put “tea” in these categories and consumers will see items that are of interest to them.

They’re quite easy to build, and you can be sure that you’ll find items of interest and use them on your listings. In addition, customers can also see other categories that aren’t related to their own because they won’t be included in Google’s search engine results. You can also place links to these categories for buyers.

In addition to Gated Categories, you can also use Amazon Ungated Categories. Ungated categories are a special place in Amazon, where you can put specific items and not include other categories in your listings. This means that you won’t be found by search engines and shoppers will see specific items instead of items from other categories.

Amazon eBay users are highly loyal, and they will spend a long time on a product if they like it. If you make it very clear that the customer should buy from you on Amazon rather than eBay, you’ll probably find more customers shopping from you on Amazon. It all comes down to how you advertise.

If you’re selling on Amazon, avoid using the full Amazon storefront to promote your item. Most shoppers won’t go past the first couple pages, and if you promote from Amazon Marketplace listings that look exactly like Amazon’s storefront, then you won’t attract any buyers. You need to take a different approach.

Instead of building your own storefront and trying to convince people to buy from you, why not look at Amazon Gated and Ungated Categories. You can build a website that includes categories that can be found on both stores. This means that your site can be listed as a third party seller and appear in search results both on Amazon and on eBay.

Your best sellers should get good visibility on both sites and the advantages of doing this are obvious. That’s because if you get good exposure from these two places, you can both grow your customer base and you will have a better chance of getting repeat business.